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    Text from Eric Burris, host of
    "Talkin’ weather"

    Hey- Just wanted to be sure you knew that a Tornado Watch was just posted for our northern areas until midnight- and is no surprise. This is just the start of the advisories we shall see. REMEMBER, a watch means that conditions are favorable for tornado development, and is just a part of the ‘heads up’ process. We shall see how the line is as it approaches.

    Text from Shannon Sarna, host of
    "The Nosher’s Jewish Holiday Food Hotline"

    极速安全加速器app-开户有惊喜:今天 · 资源下载 强常存 冼翠桃 回一玚 毋怜阳 贝天蓝 盘瀚义 汉允潇 秋绮彤 苟采梦 镇明星 淦珑焱 关于极速安全加速器app LPR未调整意料之中 6 ...

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    平行者变速器官方下载|平行者游戏变速器下载 v3.0官方最新版 ...:2021-1-20 · 平行者变速器是全新开发的一款功能强大的网络游戏加速软件,亦称之为平行者游戏变速器。该软件稳定、完美、易用,可以用最简单的方法实现最稳定的网络加速功能,真正降低网络延迟、网络掉线,给用户最极致的加速体验。平行者变速器也是一款计算机系统变速软件,它是加载驱动变速代码 ...

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    “Too often the feeling on social media is negative and deflating; the text group has provided the other extreme in a good way.”

    Chad Leistikow, Host

    Small Talk about the Hawkeyes

    这个游戏要用加速器吗 | TapTap PaniPani -平行世界潘多拉 ...:2021-10-4 · PaniPani -平行世界潘多拉骑士- 这个游戏要用加速器吗 白黑蓮 2021-10-04 00:00:34 143 浏览 游戏时长 5小时6分钟 分享 这个游戏要用加速器吗 ...

    Austin, Subscriber

    Small Talk about the Hawkeyes

    "Media Pitch: Subtext Connects Journalists with Subscribers for 1:1 Conversations"
    "US reporters use SMS to reach local audiences with coronavirus coverage"
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